B52 Cocktail

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The B-52 is one of the most popular shot drinks you will find. These three liqueurs combine to create a delightful taste, with a little citrus to accent the coffee cream.

TOP NOTES: Orange, Sweet Mandarin & Peppermint

MIDDLE NOTES: Star Anise & Black Licorice

BASE NOTES: Vanilla & Clove Spice


How to use: 

Place on floor of the shower under the water and let the steam do it’s magic.


Keep in a cool place. 


Please don't place directly under your feet. 


Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, corn flour, cream of tartar, witch hazel & fragrance oil.

The B52 Cocktail is the yin, to your yang. You've found what you're looking for.

Inventory Last Updated: Aug 07, 2020